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David against Goliath or how mid market companies build a strong brand

A great number of entrepreneurs in the SME sector are wondering how to project their company’s peak performances. They regularly feel like David, who is up against Goliath. Often they compete against multicorporate enterprises that have a by far larger arsenal of marketing tools at their disposal and are able to put pressure on smaller companies by means of offering more favourable prices. But every mid market company possesses something special that renders it exceptional.
The only chance David has to prove himself against Goliath, is to pinpoint that certain something, condense it into only a few words and convey this idea at every touch point. To customers and employees. If this identity is lived for a longer period of time and can be felt with the product as well as with sales and marketing, this will lead to the brand making the difference for mid market companies.
Only then, a brand will be realised and recommended. Only then, mid market companies will gain appeal. And this is precisely what we work for.

3 steps toward a strong corporate brand with the ID-process by Spall.macht.Marke:

1. Develop brand identity


2. Enhance brand profile


3. Make brand tangible



What we absolutely do NOT do:

  • Design
  • Advertising
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Illusion Marketing

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Who we are here for

Corporate Branding by Spall.macht.Marke addresses

companies who …

  • have realized that superficial advertisements are no longer believed and dont pay off
  • know that the greatest potential for differentiation derives from their one-of-a-kind company-DNA and not from a creative but implausible brand promise
  • need to adapt their strategic brand positioning to a new reality, caused by growth, new business areas or a changing competitive environment
  • feel that a well working corporate brand should attract not only clients but also the right and well-trained staff
  • want to use their corporate brand as practical compass to create consistent and impactful brand communication
  • finally want to bring peerlessly to the point whats special and maybe unique about their company
  • have already defined their corporate brand in detail, but want to enable sales staff, partners and employees in general to apply this strategy in daily operations