Authentic self-development in three steps

10. May 2022

Lecture Marketingclub Koblenz

Personal branding is commonly translated as self-marketing. The inspirational lecture for the Marketing Club Rhein-Mosel e.V. on May 10, 2022 made it vividly clear that much more is at stake.

And that is about making the best self tangible and developing a compass for how people can grow from within themselves. All those who do not want to approach the crucial questions of life in an esoteric or superficial way received valuable advice on how to use their own identity for more meaning and success.

The lecture was peppered with stories. Stories of travels between Franconia and San Francisco. And stories of people who have found their own way – with the 3-step ID process. From the shoemaker to the development manager. From the CEO to the lawyer.

The special feature: The lecture only required a single PowerPoint slide. On this stand written in large letters: “What do you unmistakably stand for in a single sentence”?

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Speaker Christopher Spall

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