EIZO Technologies: From a manufacturing company to an attractive employer

28. Apr 2022

The brand

EIZO Technologies is a medium-sized technology company based in Geretsried, south of Munich. The approximately 100 employees at the site design, conceive and manufacture special monitors for special purposes such as air traffic control, industrial applications or buses. Since 2009, the medium-sized company has been part of the Japanese EIZO Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of monitors and displays.

The goals

Significantly increase attractiveness as an employer, make headhunters obsolete, retain top performers and create a framework for growth by building a leadership culture that managers and employees can identify with.

Strong employer brand EIZO Technologies

The starting situation

Today more than ever, brands must also be attractive to applicants and employees. And EIZO Technologies has more than enough competition in the battle for skilled workers in the south of Munich. Recruitment is often the only way to get skilled personnel. But for the medium-sized employer, it’s not just about tomorrow’s skilled workers, but also about today’s top performers. EIZO Technologies has grown strongly in recent years. That is why the company pays particular attention to the development of a leadership culture. But how can the monitor manufacturer differentiate itself from other employers? It quickly became clear that EIZO Technologies is special as an employer. The long service of some employees is evidence of a special spirit. But how can this spirit be brought to the point, anchored across all departments and made transparent to applicants? Managing Director Andy Kürz was looking for an ID toolbox that would bundle all the tools for corporate development and make the distinctive DNA tangible.

The Spall.macht.Marke team not only worked out our DNA, but also makes it visible and usable in a very concrete way in all areas of the company.

Andy Kürz, Managing Director EIZO Technologies GmbH

The development process

  1. In-depth interviews with applicants and employees
  2. Analysis of the brand experience for applicants and employees
  3. Development of a clear positioning and derivation of good reasons for the employer
  4. Development of an ID Toolbox with all building blocks of the EIZO Technologies DNA
  5. Establishment of a novel approach for identity-oriented employee appraisals
  6. Translation of employer positioning into all relevant candidate touchpoints, from website to interview
  7. Bringing the results to life for all employees in a unifying participatory event
  8. Multi-level training of managers on the application of the employer DNA in everyday life

The result

EIZO Technologies is the employer for all those who appreciate the directness of a medium-sized company, the security of a corporate group and the challenges of a global market leader. By consistently training all managers and establishing a consistent management culture with regular employee reviews, EIZO Technologies has made a big leap in all relevant indicators of employee satisfaction. Within 2 years, for example, the recommendation from the workforce as an employer improved by a whopping 15% and the assessment of employee leadership by almost a whole grade point (measured via an anonymous, representative employee survey in January 2022). Identification, pride in the employer and internal communication also made a big leap forward – and this despite the fact that a pandemic and an exhausting move lay between the last employee surveys.

The clear positioning as an employer, the new management culture and the adapted applicant experience ensure that EIZO Technologies is becoming increasingly independent of recruiters.

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