Corporate Branding

Where is your organisation on the path to becoming a strong brand?

Corporate Branding

To make your brand radiate in a new light both internally and to the outside world, we don’t have to re-invent it. We use the power of your organisation’s own DNA to significantly increase its attractiveness. First, we carve out what makes your organisation unmistakable. Then we hone your positioning to a point and use that point to develop tools for sharpening your brand’s profile. This is how we make your strong brand tangible and bring it to life, and it is also how you create the foundation for the growth and success of your organisation.

For organisations_ID Company Brand

ID Corporate Brand

Find out what makes your organisation distinctive – for more growth and distance from the competition

ID Employer Brand

ID Employer Brand

Become a sought-after employer with a clear profile – provide direction to your employees and applicants

ID Sustainability Brand

ID Sustainability Brand

Sharpen your contribution to the environment and society – become a credible green pioneer

Selected references B2B

Selected references B2C

"Developing the brand from within us and then summing it all up in two words, that is an art!"

Dr. Hannes Zapf
Personally liable shareholder
Zapf KG

"The clarity we gained through working with Spall Brand Identity Consulting is now the foundation of our growth, both today and in the future."

Andy Kürz
Managing Director
EIZO Technologies GmbH

"The Spall Brand Identity Consulting team not only developed our DNA, but made it concretely visible and usable in all areas of our business."

Andy Kürz
Managing Director
EIZO Technologies GmbH

"PFINDER KG is becoming significantly more visible, as a strong brand in corrosion protection and NDT that is growing more and more attractive."

Kersten Alward
Head of Business Unit NDT and Project Manager Brand Identity

"Meeting Spall Brand Identity Consulting was about the best thing that could have happened to us."

Sandra Mayer
Marketing Management

"120 % analytical precision and accuracy."

Frank Dietrich
Managing Director
Winzerkeller Sommerach eG

"Very concrete and practical recommendations, which we could implement directly at Almdudler."

Claus Hofmann-Credner
Marketing Manager
Almdudler Limonade A. & S. Klein GmbH & Co KG

"With the professional support from Spall Brand Identity Consulting we were able to substantially increase the attractiveness of ÜZ."

Gerd Bock
Executive Board
Unterfränkische Überlandzentrale eG

"We came to know the characteristics that make us unique, and now want to convey them to all vintners. You have triggered a process at a depth that was previously unheard of in our wine industry."

Artur Steinmann
Fränkischer Weinbauverband e.V.

"Spall Brand Identity Consulting provides tailor-made, authentic consulting that is developed from within."

Kirstin Hennemann
Managing Director
Custom Shoemaker Hennemann & Braun

"Authentic, honest - always straightforward. Motivating and provocative."

Markus Meißner
Managing Director
cateno GmbH & Co. KG

The 11 most common reasons why organisations hire us

  • New positioning in the market is necessary
  • Not enough suitable applicants
  • To differentiate themselves in the market
  • Compass for growth
  • Exchangeable brand appearance
  • Acquisition or merger
  • To build a new brand
  • To retain top performers and strengthen their identification with the company
  • to show their own style
  • To develop a company culture from their own DNA
  • To turn employees into brand ambassadors

Your journey to a distinctive brand starts here

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