Frankenwein: How the Soul of the Brand Becomes a Success Factor

28. Oct 2022


Over five years ago, we developed the identity of the brand Frankenwein. We “captured the soul of the brand and made it visible”, as the president of the Franconian Vintners’ Association expressed it. You could hardly find a more fitting description of our work. The latest edition of the industry journal “das marketingjournal marke 41” celebrates the umbrella brand Frankenwein as a revolutionary success story.

The heart of the matter was not to invent a brand, but to capture the soul of the brand Frankenwein and make it visible. So the question was: Who are we and what makes us unique?

Artur Steinmann, Präsident Fränkischer Weinbauverband

The development of the brand Frankenwein:
Don’t invent, but find

In the 3/2022 edition and on, an article entitled “Marken-Genuss in Franken” (Brand indulgence in Franconia) states that the strong umbrella brand Frankenwein and its uncompromising quality standard have revolutionised the wine market – well beyond the borders of the region.

Until we began developing the brand identity in 2016, many vintners could not identify with the brand Frankenwein, despite successful marketing campaigns.

We worked on the surface, modelled shapes and optimised statements, but we failed to capture the soul and the brand core.

Artur Steinmann, Präsident Fränkischer Weinbauverband

Together with the customer, we brought all parties involved into the process and developed the brand identity.

Today, the umbrella brand offers lots of possibilities and programmes to the vintners to support them and benefit their individual brands.

We took a bottom-up approach, bringing vintners, tourism experts and guest guides together. We engaged them in a process that was controversial, to put it mildly, but very professionally guided, and investigated our brand identity.

Artur Steinmann, Präsident Fränkischer Weinbauverband

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