IMPACKT: How brands position themselves credibly on sustainability

31. May 2022

The brand

IMPACKT is travelite’s sustainability brand. The Hamburg family business around the luggage brands travelite & TITAN has been successful for over 70 years. The Hamburg-based company is particularly strong in its partnership with the retail trade. But online sales and demand for sustainable luggage are now on the rise.

The goals

To position a credibly sustainable suitcase brand in the market and differentiate it from other market players in the long term.


The starting situation

travelite & TITAN have been offering suitcases made from recycled materials for some time. In the German market, both brands are No. 2 after Samsonite, and many people know the brands. TITAN even produces individual series in Germany with high-quality plastic from Austria. All cases are now so far matured that the durability is more than sufficient. But the people of Hamburg have a problem: almost every suitcase manufacturer now claims to have sustainable suitcases on offer. In addition, the dependence on suppliers from China ensures that individual brands have little chance to develop material innovations. In addition, many consumers have developed a seventh sense for greenwashing and travel is not sustainable per se. But sustainability means more than selling suitcases made from recycled materials. That’s why the family-owned company decided to establish IMPACKT, a new, sustainable D2C suitcase brand that takes into account all three pillars of sustainability (social, ecological, economic).

The development process

  1. Developing a core purpose that expresses the meaningful reason for IMPACKT’s existence.
  2. Development of a clear positioning for IMPACKT
  3. Derive a storyline and a clear benefit argumentation

The result

The drive behind IMPACKT is to combine the joy of travel with sustainability, for everyone. That’s why IMPACKT sells honest design luggage that makes more sustainable travel affordable for everyone.

The four dimensions of honesty are:

  • Honest products
    Entire product range made from recycled and / or natural materials. Repair possibility. Affordable for everyone.
  • Honest Impact
    Achieve tangible impact and make a real difference by supporting concrete projects.
  • Honest origin
    Family-run Hamburg company with 70 years of history.
  • Honest production
    Value chain is disclosed

With this attitude, IMPACKT manages not only to differentiate itself from the competition, but also to make a tangible impact – without greenwashing or false promises. Because in the end, traveling has to be fun.

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