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Six exciting and inspiring plain language lectures by Spall Brand Consulting

Our interactive talks on identity and brand are refreshingly different. Because they are alive with plain language rather than empty phrases. They do more than share strategies: they provide the tools for practical application. And they show that today, strong brands are not built by giving them a superficial polish, but by developing awareness of their identity. What’s special about our lectures: They are bionic, not only because they use the greatest brands of our time as a source of inspiration, but because they draw on nature – the most successful living system in the world. For authentic, natural uniqueness of people and organisations. Delve into our world of identity and brands.

"Spall doesn't just make you brand, Spall makes you smarter. Valuable insights meet crisp, well-pointed assessments - without fear of big names."

Alexander Möthe, Handelsblatt

"The response exceeded anything we had ever seen before."

Jens Rauch, Member of the Board, Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg

"It was a great event that was inspiring all around. We've had nothing but positive feedback."

Silvia Lulei, Vogel Business Media GmbH & Co.

"Congratulations. You've got to the heart of the brand issue."

Uwe Buchmann, S&S Internet Systems

"Very inspiring and full of ideas."

Menna Chiara, Vogel Business Media

"Spall.is.fun. I really enjoyed your presentation. Above all, it was sustainable... the topic has been on my mind ever since."

Stefan Hoff, Managing Director nobeo GmbH, Member of the Group Executive Committee Euro Media Group, Chairman of the Board VTFF e.V.

"Sensational presentation! Thank you."

Sven Herpolsheimer

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What our inspirational lectures are all about

  • Individually tailored to the needs of the audience
  • Guiding examples from the world’s strongest brands
  • Concrete solutions for the challenges of our time
  • Practical aids for immediate application
  • Lots of ideas on things everyone can do themselves


Peak Performer

Peak Performer

Learning from top performers to master real life

Magdalena Neuner, Christopher Spall and Christian Grams
Murmann publishing house

The first inspirational book for a new performance culture

Personal Branding

Personal Branding
Was Menschen zu starken Marken macht (What turns people into strong brands)

Christopher Spall and
Holger J. Schmidt

Springer Gabler Publishing House

How you can successfully build your own personal brand from within

No1Brands - Buch mit Fachbeitrag von Christopher Spall

No. 1 Brands
Die Erfolgsgeheimnisse starker Marken (Strong brands and the secret to their success)

Technical paper by Christopher Spall
Orell Füssli Publishers / K.-D. Koch (Ed.)

How every organisation can become a No. 1 Brand from within

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