for digital automotive trade: Keynote “Brand identity as a compass in the digital age”.

10. Nov 2016

Autoforum lecture Christopher Spall

How can local car dealers build their own attracting dealer brand in the digital age? And how do you deal with the issues that digitization brings with it? Christopher Spall was on hand to talk about this at the “ Weckruf! – Forum for Digital Automotive Trade” on November 10, 2016 in Würzburg. Medium-sized companies are desperately looking for practical tools to manage their brand – with a view to the digital rules of the game – to ensure success.

Using the condensed guiding question – “What do you unmistakably stand for in a sentence?” – Christopher Spall demonstrated the necessity of invoking one’s own identity. This is because it can prevent price from becoming the only differentiating factor for car dealerships. It can also provide a compass for dealing with the megatrend of digitization.

With this message, the introductory lecture took on a lighthouse function for the following topics of the day. Because, starting with the purchase of vehicles and ending with the loyalty of the company’s own customers via various channels: A company’s own identity provides the framework for its actions and decisions. It represents the basis of all activities around a strong dealer brand.

Keynote wake-up call by Christopher Spall
Keynote by Christopher Spall at the wake-up call

The subsequent presentation by Ms. Nauen proved the practicality of Christopher Spall’s remarks by enriching them with current and creative examples from the everyday life of her family’s car dealership. In particular, she addressed how her family business makes the difference to competitors through the values it lives by – noticeable in the atmosphere. With regard to digitalization, she addressed the industry’s uncertainty about which channels and tone to use to communicate as a car dealership. The answer to that? Gives you your brand identity.

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Speaker Christopher Spall

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