From ice hockey idol to strong brand: 4 questions for Florence Schelling

23. May 2022

Florence Schelling

The brand

As goalkeeper for the Swiss national ice hockey team, Florence Schelling took part in four Winter Olympics and eleven World Championships, winning bronze once each. In 2018, the Zurich native ended her career as a professional athlete. Since then, she has been active as a sports official and speaker, among other things.

The starting situation

Daily training and competitions often determine the daily routine of professional athletes throughout their entire careers. Afterwards, however, many questions arise: “What drives me, apart from sports?” “What do I actually stand for?” and “What does my personal compass for the future look like?”

In order to find answers to this question, we were allowed to accompany Florence Schelling in her identity development in the spring of 2022.
What she takes away from this and what advice she has for people who want to become a strong brand in an authentic way, she reveals in the interview.

The interview was conducted by Julian Schwab.

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