Discover your Identity, Feel the Attraction.

What we stand for: our profile.

Spall.macht.Marke is the first brand identity consultancy created to increase a person’s attractiveness and self-confidence. We do it by revealing unique identity building blocks and focus it into a clear brand profile. We, a small team of brand specialists, can’t wait to help you find your natural unmistakable character. We develop unique brand personalities by combining the proven laws of brand building with relevant psychological insights. Everything we do is inspired by the strategies and problem solving techniques of the most successful living system, our nature. That way we make sure that personalities and companies make a lasting and unmistakable impression the natural way.


Why Personal Branding by Spall.macht.Marke is like no other: our brand core values.

Developing a believable identity instead of wishful thinking

We chip away at your brand profile until we have revealed what makes you special and unique. Our raw materials are your tangible performances and the idiosyncrasies of your personality. Your brand core values don’t just drop out of the sky, they grow out of the bedrock of your identity, your strengths and passions.

People are not candy bars

People don’t fit into supermarket shelves. So we don’t treat you like a product, don’t go looking for your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), but try to find your incomparable identity and start to hone it to a point. Every piece of advice we give you was specifically developed and adapted for your “I” brand. We deliberately use the success factors of the strongest brands of our time, but never forget that your personal success isn’t always about faster-higher-further, but about evoking the right emotion at the right time. We never slap a price tag on a person, but sharpen their individual contributions to society so it will help them reach the right people. Since we are not brand consultants but people when we wake up in the morning, that is how we want to work: from one person to another.

Live and breathe your brand

We measure our success solely on the effectiveness of what we do and its suitability for your everyday professional and private life. After having developed your brand, you will not receive a ring binder for referencing and for working with during your further development or with various complex models that nobody understands anyway. Everything that drives you, characterizes you and contributes to the well-being of those around you is focused – into what is probably the most compact brand personality possible.

Change needs concrete actions: We create your personal schedule for breathing life into your strong brand. That way, your brand will not remain a dream or a concept. It becomes tangible reality.

Meaning rather than self-worship

We don’t help you to seem better, but figure out with you what makes you or your company tick, what you burn for and how you can credibly and meaningfully put that across to the people who count. In case you are wondering: we don’t intend to enliven you with the insights we gather. But we do want to inspire you. And that results in one thing most of all: meaning.

Of course we want to challenge you to some degree. But we prefer to enable you to discover yourself.

At our core, we see ourselves as “brand identity gold miners” that merely bring something out of you or your company and to the light of day that is already there, more or less well hidden: brand identity. We do this also because we absolutely love digging things up and uncovering them. Oh, and yes, we also provoke. You’ll find out.

In everything we do, we take our cues from the most successful living system: nature.

Spall.macht.Marke transfers the success factors of nature to the development of brand personalities. This is how we achieve natural uniqueness rather than an artificial brand profile.

About Christopher Spall.

Born in the Franconia region of Germany, he got accustomed to responsibility at the tender age of 23, when he became the youngest manager in the Commerzbank-Konzern by taking on the leadership of product marketing for their subsidiary cominvest in Frankfurt. Later he became the brand manager for the brand Allianz Global Investors and directed all of the brand’s European activities.

His drive to keep developing and discovering new areas for personal growth led him into brand consulting, to the management consultancy Brand Trust. There, the Master of Business Administration advised experienced managers of mid-sized companies and renowned DAX brands, among them BASF, one of Germany’s largest employers. His two-fold contribution: first, attracting more customers and the right kind of employees by means of a clear brand strategy. But much more importantly: enabling people to consistently live a conscious attitude in everyday life. During the many years of working with brands and people he realized one thing with exceptional clarity: trust, credibility and attractiveness never come from superficial marketing, but from presenting an unmistakable identity.

Today, Spall is a sought-after brand expert for brand identity development, as evidenced in numerous press releases and reviews in the business media such as Handelsblatt, one of the top business newspapers in Europe. Beyond that, Spall works as a lecturer, as advisor for scientific theses and is coauthor of the reference book “No.1-Brands”.

His lifeblood? To discover pecularities of personalities and companies and to bring it to the point- for a lasting impact. His brand credo? Learning is one thing. Understanding is another. Doing is between the two.