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How we foster the top performers of tomorrow

The Peak Performer Foundation: The foundation for promoting the top performers of tomorrow.

Peak Performer Kids Camp

Top performers from sports and business pass on values for achieving peak performance to children

The non-profit Peak Performer Foundation was founded by more than 30 top performers from sports and business. It is under the patronage of biathlon icon Magdalena Neuner.

All members of the Peak Performer Foundation are volunteers. Christopher Spall is entrusted with the management of the foundation. We support the development of the foundation by actively helping with the planning, organization and implementation of the Peak Performer Kids Camps.

The purpose of the foundation is to pass on the basic values for achieving top performance to children in a playful way – with the help of sport, the charisma of Olympic champions and top performers from the world of business. By inspiring children to enjoy achievement through role models, the Peak Performer Foundation contributes to a self-determined, ambitious and progressive society of tomorrow.


The performance concept of the Peak Performer Foundation:
An opportunity for children and young people to surprise themselves

Magdalena Neuner and Christopher Spall explained the guiding principles of their work for the Peak Performer Foundation in an interview with WELT.

The 7 principles for achieving peak performance

The seven principles for achieving excellence grew out of the founding members’ experiences.

The basic values are passed on to children and young people, regardless of their athletic condition, through games, fun and role models in Kids Camps lasting several days. At the heart of Kids Camp is the fun of accomplishing something together as a group.

Peak Performer Kids Camps

These seven principles are also my principles. They are the key to my success. That is why I want to pass on these very teachings. They can help kids grow from the inside out and form their own identities. That’s why I’m committed to the Peak Performer Foundation with all my might. We want to make a decisive difference not only to organizations and leaders, but also to our children. Why? The leverage on the world of the day after tomorrow is simply much greater.

Christopher Spall, MD Peak Performer Foundation

The Peak Performer Foundation is really a subject close to my heart. This is not about breeding Olympic champions. As a mother and former top athlete, it is important to me that children and young people feel the joy of creating something under their own steam. To give them a basic attitude in a playful way.

Magdalena Neuner

Patron Peak Performer Foundation

Peak Performer Kids Camps: fun, games and real role models

Peak Performer Kids Camps are all about football, basketball, summer biathlon, mental training and nutrition. Under the patronage of biathlon superstar Magdalena Neuner, top athletes playfully empower children to get ahead under their own steam.

What is special about the concept of all Peak Performer Kids Camps is that, in addition to the physical component, the focus is on inspiring the right attitude. This involves the use of state-of-the-art training methods and equipment that combine mental and physical exercises. This teaches children the basic values for achieving excellence through play. The topic of nutrition is also on the program. Christopher Spall volunteers his time as executive director for the foundation. Many employees of Spall Brand Identity Consultancy also support the strategic development of the foundation and the organization of the camps.

Children learn best with fun and games and real role models. These are exactly the three things we bring together at our Kids Camps.

Christopher Spall, MD Peak Performer Foundation

You’ll train with real professionals and you’ll learn how to turn on your head to get ahead in sports, too.

Sven & Lars Bender

Founding members Peak Performer Foundation & host for Peak Performer Kids Camp Upper Bavaria

The children and young people in the Kids Camps are also guided by former national football players Sven and Lars Bender, among others.

Participation is free of charge, food and drinks included. Motivated children and young people are invited to apply for participation.

More about the Kids Camps and the Peak Performer Foundation

Peak Performer Foundation

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