Discover your Identity, Feel the Attraction.

Personal Branding

“What do you stand for? In one sentence?” Most of the people have no concise answer to this question, which is not rarely decisive on personal advancement. Because every day people in sales, leadership positions, in self-employment and change must explain what precisely makes them particularly. Personal Branding of Spall.macht.Marke tackles this topic. Spall.macht.Marke uses the laws of modern brand techniques and adapts them to the needs and peculiarities of personality development. While Personal Branding is often thought to be an instruction manual for self-presentation, for becoming famous or for marketing ones self, Spall.macht.Marke digs down deeper. We uncover a person’s individual natural talents, passions and performances and sharpen them into unmatched brand personalities. You get your personality to the point and to bring it across impressively. Thus, the unique value of your personality and your work is visible.

“Brand coaching helps me with making the difference in customer meetings.”
Marco K., sales manager
“Brand for me: more authority and clear edges – and being able to say “no” in good conscience.”
Markus M., CEO

3 steps toward a strong brand personality with the ID-process by Spall.macht.Marke

1. Discover Identity


2. Focus Profile


3. Make Brand Tangible


“What became clear to me: brand equals sales.”
Christian V., financial adviser
“Utterly unique and perceptive.”
Karin L., business consultant & coach
“Simply a magnificent process to discover your unique identity.”
Horst R., operating manager Bayer AG

What we absolutely do NOT do

  • Image Consulting
  • Help with Self-Presentation
  • Psychological Life Coaching

More about the principles of Spall.macht.Marke 


Who we are here for

Personal branding by Spall.macht.Marke adresses

personalities who …

  • perform at high levels and want to recieve hard-earned appreciation
  • want to become more aware of what makes them who they are
  • want to stand out not through reproducible superficialities, but through identity and profile
  • want to attract other people rather than having to pursue them
  • don’t want to fritter anymore but make clear and focused decisions
  • have made the experience that the radiance of their own personality is crucial to their personal success
  • don´t want cover up their rough edges anymore, but to live and use these peculiarities openly
  • want to feel more meaning in what they do
  • want to use their good reputation more systematically in their professional or private lives
  • want to convice authenticly rather than playing a unnatural role of themselves

companies who…

  • perceive that prices and products can be copied, but the identities of brand personalities can not
  • know that Sales staff, who are aware of what they stand for, are more successful
  • have realized that personnel development really means personality development, and that personality development means identity development
  • know that managers who exude more natural authority contribute more significantly to overall success
  • recognize that corporate values are only understood and lived when managers and employees connect them with their individual personal values
  • have found that egotistical self-marketing is quickly debunked by colleagues and customers, and investments in self-marketing for personnel development of employees go up in smoke

How do we support individuals on their path to a strong personal brand?

You can experience our services in the form of trainings, coachings and seminars that are adapted to your individual needs. We develop brand personalities in one-on-one processes or in small groups of no more than 7 participants. Our work involves you completely. We see ourselves as trainers and mentors for your strong “I” brand. We never tell you what to do. Instead, we guide you, ask questions and put you in a position to find the answers yourself. Because lasting change can only begin inside ourselves.