EIZO Technologies: From technology company to strong brand

05. May 2022

The brand

EIZO Technologies is a medium-sized technology company based in Geretsried, south of Munich. The approximately 100 employees at the site design, conceive and manufacture special monitors for special purposes such as air traffic control, industrial applications or buses. Since 2009, the medium-sized company has been part of the Japanese EIZO Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of monitors and displays.

The goals

Clearly position the brand, enable growth outside of the traditional air traffic control market, and create a guideline for a presence within the Group that leverages its own strengths and is consistent with the EIZO umbrella brand.

Strong brand EIZO

The starting situation

Anyone who has worked with EIZO Technologies knows what is special about dealing with customers and developing customized products. This is what first made the medium-sized company the world market leader for monitors in the air traffic control sector. However, as a subsidiary of the Group, the scope for highlighting this special feature as a brand is limited. It is important to show what is special and at the same time not to dilute the Group brand. The core question of the project here was: how can we make it so that the brand can also help generate growth outside of air traffic control? This required a positioning that extends far beyond the air traffic control market. So what does EIZO Technologies unmistakably stand for?

The clarity that working with Spall.macht.Marke has brought us is the basis for our growth today and tomorrow.

Andy Kürz, Managing Director EIZO Technologies GmbH

The development process

  1. Extract what makes EIZO Technologies special at its core with the help of our ID analysis
  2. Developing a strong brand identity and strategic guardrails that guide the way forward
  3. Elaboration of the unique customer positioning
  4. Derivation of clear guidelines for sales, marketing, production and development
  5. Creation of a unifying brand promise
  6. Determination of medium-term goals from the identity of the brand
  7. ID Innovation: development of innovation ideas and sales approaches for the different markets with the help of the brand identity

The EIZO Technologies Standard


The result

Although EIZO Technologies, as a medium-sized company within the group, has limited room for maneuver as a brand, we have managed to get to the heart of the special features:

“Thought differently. Made possible.”

This is not only the developed credo of EIZO Technologies, but also sums up the special spirit. When you come to EIZO Technologies, you don’t just get monitors, you get visualization solutions outside the standard. And exactly what customers can expect from working with EIZO Technologies is clearly stated in the EIZO Technologies Standard. This means that the company will become less dependent on its dominant market position in air traffic control. The positioning opens doors into further markets where visualization solutions outside the standard are in demand.

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