The Pfinder Story: From Hidden Champion to Strong Brand

01. Aug 2023

The brand

PFINDER is considered the world market leader in cavity preservation for automobiles. The wax developed by the traditional Swabian company ensures the durability of many a car body. The company’s headquarters are in Böblingen, other sites are located in China, the USA and Mexico. Apart from corrosion protection, PFINDER is also active in the field of materials testing. The brand’s history dates all the way back to the year 1884. And yet, nobody knows the brand PFINDER outside of a small circle of experts. A typical hidden champion, then. How can these strengths be used to increase the brand’s attractiveness?

The goals

Two different fields of business. Two different target groups. Lots of history. A hazy brand image.

How can this be turned into a clear positioning and brand strategy for the future?

Strong brand Pfinder

The status quo

The competition comes from all corners of the globe, and in some instances benefits from low-cost conditions in other countries. As the market leader with a high product quality, PFINDER couldn’t and didn’t want to define themselves through pricing.

More than 130 years of history are an outstanding achievement. But at the same time, no provider in global competition can rest solely on their past merits.

Our ID analysis quickly revealed: PFINDER is certainly worth every penny, but nobody knows why, exactly.

The team of Spall not only worked out our DNA, but made it visible and usable in very concrete terms in all business units.

Kersten Alward, Head of Business Unit NDT and Project Manager Brand Identity at PFINDER (2018)

The development process

1. Development of the PFINDER DNA: The peak performances from over 130 years of history and the strengths of today’s employees merged into the PFINDER brand core

2. Generating a unique positioning and a clear strategy for the future

3. Development of an unmistakable brand promise from the brand identity

4. Definition of clear guidelines and standards for working with the brand in day-to-day activities, from trade show exhibit to sales pitch

The result

In our ID analysis, we could prove that PFINDER is the inventor of cavity preservation. That was enough to clearly define the company from Böblingen as a pioneer. That was enough to clearly define the company from Böblingen as a pioneer.

In addition, we were able to harmoniously combine the two fields of business with the clear positioning on thinking ahead to create solutions that preserve value. This content framework also represented the action plan for the company in the future. PFINDER is THE pioneer. Everything they do is about thinking ahead. It is about preserving value. And has been since 1884.

These cornerstones of the brand identity melted together in the brand claim “Thinking ahead since 1884”. A brand promise that links the long history with the reason for customers to choose PFINDER.

Today, many employees see themselves as “solutionPFINDERs”. All this strengthens the brand in global competition and allows employees to identify with it – a clear profile and a future-oriented brand strategy for the next 140 years of history.

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